Successfully Completed Saturation Diving IRM 1st Campaign on 2016

PT Offshore Services Indonesia Saturation Diving IRM Contract 2016 project team successfully completed 100% of the requested IMR works on the platforms, pipelines and offshore marine installations. The project is a technical services contract at ONWJ (Offshore Northwest Java) for “Provision of Saturation DSV and associated subsea engineering services”.


PT OSI carried out the contract with the Indonesian flagged DP II DSV Crest Odyssey 1, complete with 12 man integral saturation diving system, Heave Compensated 100T Knuckle Boom Crane, Work Class ROV and all associated project management and engineering support provided by its Indonesian subsea independent engineering entity “PT. Marine Engineering Services (PT.MES)”.


The works executed during 2016 under contract STC-0942 comprised the following main items :

  • 24in pipeline sectional replacement with Hot Tap Project
  • SPM#3 Subsea Hose Replacement Project
  • Cathodic Protection Anode Pod Installations Project with commissioning at 40 platforms locations
  • Pipeline Leaks Repairs with subsea clamps at 12 leaks location
  • Riser & Pipeline Sectional Replacement Project :
    • 8in MGL riser & pipeline
    • 8in MOL riser & pipeline
    • 12in MOL riser & pipeline

    PT OSI commitment to achieving an excellent HSSE performance and a Zero Tolerance for Accidents and Incidents during the Saturation Diving IMR Project Execution, clear guidance was developed with reference to OSI HSSE Management System.
    Logistic material handling in Marunda Shorebase on 2016 :

    • Material Mooring Buoy
    • Material Handling SPM Subsea Hose & Monitoring Skid for SPM
    • Material Handling for Hot Tap Equipment